I have taken the booking calendar off my profile. Just dm me, and we’ll work something out. My schedule is fairly flexible, but please understand I am not available for last-minute appointments.

I am also pivoting away from doing readings for people I don’t have any mutual friends with. I accept appointments from friends, friends of friends, and friendly acquaintances.

Thank you for all your support so far, I look forward to reading with you!

I’m Melanie Dahling, an Eclectic Spiritual Worker, Comedian, and lover of all things unknown. I grew up visiting tarot readers in tea shops, developing relationships with local crystal merchants, and getting tea leaf readings from my Spooky Grandma™.

None of it felt weird to me, and I don’t think it should have. The spiritual world may be ooky and spooky at times, but it’s also downright fun.

I’ve spent my adult years studying all things tarot and witchy but was quiet about it at first. I mean, guys don’t really like it when you talk communing with the dead on a first date.

After realizing I didn’t care, starting my own Witch podcast (Tarts & Craft), and seeing it was safe to come out of the broom closet, I decided I should become the Spooky Grandma™ I want to see in the world.

I constantly deepen my tarot knowledge in multiple ways, from workshops to podcasts and old-fashioned book learnin’. I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you.

Still have some questions? Maybe this blog entry will help.

Each month I will donate a percent of my tarot earnings to a charity with pressing needs. This month I have chosen Across Boundaries

Croissant Moon Testimonials:

Melanie was such a pleasure to have a reading with. Her reading was not only really insightful but also empowering. Warm and beautiful energy, is highly recommend getting a reading from her! She’s amazing! 💗🖤  


This was my first ever tarot reading and it was an absolute joy! Melanie was so sweet, insightful and funny. I would recommend this experience to anyone.


Melanie is so thoughtful with her interpretations of the cards! She offers advice that is insightful to the spirit and applicable to the outside world. She’s super easy to talk to and it makes for a great tarot experience! 10/10, would do it again!


3 Card Email Reading

Suggested Donation $10.00

20 Minute Reading

PWYC (Pay What You Can)

60 Minute Reading

Suggested Donation $40.00