What Is This Tarot Blog For?

The Croissant Moon Tarot blog is a fun, story-infused guide through your deck. I’ve cobbled together a certain amount of tarot knowledge over the years, but I’m always learning. I’d like to teach tarot the way I learned it- by applying the cards to my own experience. Friends, beloved characters, embarrassing stories… each one has its representative within the 78 card system.

I work with the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) deck. It’s the most common, and it creates a great foundation for tarot knowledge.

You’ll notice I don’t go into too much detail with regard to specific symbols, astrology, or reversals. There’s a reason for that! It goes beyond sheer laziness, I swear.

When I first got into tarot, I was easily overwhelmed by specifics. Though every little detail is important, I believe you can approach tarot by memorizing the feeling of each card. Learn to apply it to your own hero’s journey, and you’ll remember it with ease. There’ll always be more goodies to fold in later.

You don’t have to turn into this lady right away, though I encourage it eventually.

Who Is This Tarot Blog For?

I don’t think my method would work for everyone. If you’re a Capricorn, turn back now. In other words- if you’re someone who loves to examine things up close and dissect every detail, I’m not your gal. But this blog is a lot of fun, especially for:

  • Beginners who just want to know what each card is about.
  • Intermediate tarot lovers who just want a fresh take.
  • Experts who want a bit of a giggle.

New to Tarot? With me you’re NOT in danger, girl.

Who Am I?

How very dare you. I’m a writer, actor, comedian, and cracker-jack party host. I love small animals and big hair. If sitting and talking in cute coffee shops was a paid job, I’d do it for free.

If you’re here to book a reading and want to know more about me before you take the plunge, you can find that info here.