How to Read The Fool Card with Elle Woods

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love comparing pop culture icons to tarot cards. It is a great way to add context, lighten up the heavier cards, and remember the meaning of each tarot card. Let’s explore The Fool card with Elle Woods!

The Fool with Elle Woods

For The Fool, I’ve chosen Elle Woods for her plucky confidence, and the wisdom of her innocence. Curious to know more? Here’s a little video for your entertainment.


Main Talking Points for The Fool:

-The plucky confidence of a youthful beginner.

-A bit of “fools rush in where angels fear to tread” energy. If you knew how hard it was, would you have started this journey? Likely not!

-The bravery to leap into something new, even if it’s scary.

Symbolism in The Fool Card:

-Optimistic yellow abounds.

-Mountains in the distance signify upcoming challenges.

-The small sac over the wanderer’s shoulder that says “take only the essentials, leave extra baggage behind.”

-A pristine white rose to symbolize something untouched by the outside world.

-The dog as a helpful guide and companion along the way.

-The red feather in The Fool’s cap as the fiery, enthusiastic energy of a new project.

Wondering what’s in the cards for you? Book a reading and see if Elle makes an appearance.