What goes up, must come down. With all the dense imagery in The Wheel of Fortune card in the Major Arcana, it boils down to this simple principle. Natural cycles. Your luck is about to change. I see this as the “fate steps in” card. It’s doubly potent because it’s in the Major Arcana, which I always see as major life events anyway.

Getting More Major Arcana than Minor

My personal philosophy is that in life we have our “fate” moments and our “doing the grunt work” moments. We came to earth from the spirit world for a reason, and the grunt work times are like taking a new course. The fate moments, good or bad, are when the universe steps in and you couldn’t have controlled it if you tried.

A lot of people see this card as good fortune coming your way, and that can definitely be the case! But it can also mean things are about to go topsy turvy.

The Wheel of Fortune Card in the Major Arcana

The Wheel of Fortune Card by Kaylee Pinecone.

My Wheel of Fortune Moments

I vividly remember getting a nice, heady drunk feeling off of some cute cocktails with my boyfriend. My stand-up comedy showcase (where we perform for big wigs on the scene) was coming up, and I felt optimistic. He was cheers-ing along with me, but reminding me to stay grounded. No no, I insisted, this is my year. Big stuff is happening. Nothing really came of that showcase, but a few months later I experienced the most intense loss of my life.

The showcase was something I worked for and “earned.” I controlled as much of it as I could. It may not have had visible results, but it was a pip card (minor arcana) moment. I set something into motion. Who knows what may come of it down the line.

My grief was a Wheel of Fortune moment. I thought I knew where I stood in life, and the universe came along and spun the wheel.

A Global Wheel of Fortune Moment

The Wheel of Fortune card in the Major Arcana, the 10th card, in context: The COVID-19 breakout was that kind of event.

For some, it was completely chaotic and lead to great challenges. A lot of people thought, after a difficult 2019, that 2020 would be their year. Some experienced grief and intense loss instead.

Others were able to slow down, work from home, and focus on some side projects. It ended up reminding them of their priorities. A spin of the wheel can mean different things to different people.

The Wheel of Fortune Card in the Major Arcana

My construction paper Wheel of Fortune card.

What if the Wheel of Fortune Comes Up in a Reading?

It can mean “go for it!” But it can also mean unforeseen circumstances and delays. Either way, it’s an opportunity to ground yourself. We can’t control certain aspects of life, but we can control our reactions to them. If you stand on the edge of the wheel, you may tumble. If you stand in the middle and ground yourself, you can handle the movement a little better, and see the action from all angles.

Key Imagery in The Wheel of Fortune

-Four animals, one in each corner, represent the fixed signs of the zodiac. These are Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, and Taurus. These signs are the “anchors” in their individual seasons.

As people, they tend to be “slow and steady wins the race.” Is this an approach you can take when things get a little wild? Just focus on one thing at a time.

-Anubis, the creature underneath the wheel, is a Greek god with the head of a Jackal. He was a god of the underworld, leading lost souls after their death. He was present for the weighing of the heart, where your fate was decided based on your past actions. This hints at karma. What put these events into place? What can you do now that they’re here? You’re not responsible for bad stuff happening, but you can choose how you react. And remember, that doesn’t always mean being serene. Anger can be a useful tool if you use it wisely.

Kabalistic Imagery in The Wheel of Fortune Card in The Major Arcana

This is a whole side of tarot I am, truthfully, still studying. But my girl Ellen Rosenberg will help you out. I love her videos and learn so much from them.

The Wheel of Fortune Card in the Major Arcana

The Modern Witch Tarot


Fate steps in and shakes things up sometimes, but that’s all a part of life. You’ve got this! Learn to bob and weave with it all, and you’ll fall into the flow.

Wondering if a Wheel of Fortune moment is in the cards for you? Book a reading and see what comes up!