If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love comparing pop culture icons to tarot cards. It is a great way to add context, lighten up the heavier cards, and remember the meaning of each card. Let’s explore The High Priestess Card with Synergy.

The High Priestess Card with Synergy

I chose Synergy for this role because she’s all-knowing and mysterious. She’s got maternal energy and acts as a guide for Jem, but she is a robot at the end of the day. The High Priestess is somewhat aloof, and won’t give you any easy answers. She’s the foil for the maternal energy in The Empress, who displays a more traditional “touchy-feely” kind of love.

You can think of The High Priestess as esoteric knowledge. It’s all there at your disposal, but it isn’t straightforward. No one is going to spoonfeed you on your spiritual journey. You need to follow your intuition and seek wisdom beyond the literal. Get into the mystery.

Main Talking Points for The High Priestess

-Trust your intuition

-Embrace the Unknown

-Understand that you could never know everything there is to know, be the eternal student.

Symbolism in The High Priestess

The High Priestess Card as Synergy

I didn’t get to all of these symbols in the video, because I wanted to keep things snapping along. Here’s a little more in-depth study of the High Priestess Card in the Major Arcana.

The Two Pillars in Black & White

This is related to the laws of the universe. Black & white, day & night, yin & yang, sun & moon, etc and onward and so forth. Because the High Priestess sits in the middle of those extremes, it suggests a union of those opposing forces.


(Get your mind out of the gutter.) These pillars reference the temple of Soloman from The Bible. The pillars were named Jachin (or Joachim) and Boaz, meaning “he shall establish” and “in his strength.” The temple of Soloman was meant to be a palace for god on earth. It is often referenced in Freemasonry. The temple was built next to the King’s temple, and was built for spiritual purposes.

A yellow Crescent Moon

The yellow being the colour of the sun. Once again, the union of opposites. The biblical figure Mary, and other maternal goddesses, are often depicted with a crescent moon at their feet. There are a few theories as to why, but it makes sense to me as a symbol of transcendence over time, space, and earthly concepts.


To symbolize fertility and the goddess Persephone. She’s the goddess of vegetation, fertility, and agriculture. But she’s also the Queen of the Underworld. She will not be defined! She represents the death/life cycle. Once again, opposites that rule the world.

Triple Goddess Crown

The maiden/mother/crone model is depicted in The High Priestess’s crown. This is the natural life cycle we all go through. To me, it transcends gender. It speaks of a time to learn, a time to nurture, and a time to teach. That’s my interpretation, but you can read more here.

Blue Flowing Robes

I see this as her being a shape-shifter. She’s like water, she can bend and curve within any situation, and may present herself differently depending.

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