Hello, my loves. It’s a full moon in Aquarius, and what better time to switch things up? I’ve been working through the Major Arcana, but I am excited about a new idea and just have to share it. If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a new way to interpret the queens of the deck. Or any court cards really. Today, we’re going to read The Queen of Pentacles with all the confidence of a girl who just bought “Teen Witch” by Silver Ravenwolf.

I’ve come up with a fun, 80s baby-friendly way to read these mysterious queens. It starts the same way my magical curiosity started: with a viewing of The Craft. As a teen, I swore up and down that I hated this movie. Still, I couldn’t stop watching it. The Craft has been a source of controversy in the magic community since 1996, and I’ve probably watched it at least 20 times since then. Like it or not, it sparks something in the would-be witches who watch it, even to this day. And now we’re living in the mainstream magical reality that film helped create. Without The Craft, there would be no #witchesofinstagram. Fight me.

read the queen of pentacles

I drink of my sisters…

Let’s Go Through These One at a Time, Shall We?

Each character in The Craft was assigned an element, and their character arch reflects that element. Sarah, for example, is the element of earth. That’s why you’ll hear Sarah say:

Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the North, by the powers of mother and earth.

Hear us.

Who could forget that iconic trip to the beach? We are going to use our friend Sarah to read the Queen of Pentacles.

The Element of Earth in The Tarot

In the tarot, the element of earth is represented by the pentacles. Some folks call them coins, but their significance goes beyond material wealth. The pentacles represent feelings of security and meeting your needs on every level.

Pentacles can be any kind of coin in the magical world, usually depicting esoteric symbols. In this case, they are adorned with the pentagram. The 5 pointed star may look scary if you’ve been watching too many movies. It is not an evil or satanic symbol, far from it. The pentagram is a human figure, with the top point being the head. It represents all 5 elements (earth, air, water, fire, and spirit) working as one.

To live a balanced life is to check all of these boxes as consistently as you can. And the Queen of Pentacles works diligently to keep that balance. For herself and the people she loves. So let’s just say she’s a good friend to have.

read the queen of pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles in the RWS.

What Exactly Does This Have to do With The Craft?

Sarah’s path is the Queen of Pentacles going from reversed to upright. This is illustrated in the scene where she steps through the mirror. She literally goes from a reversed image of herself, to her most powerful self. The other girls go from upright to reversed, making for a really interesting dynamic. But that’s a story for another day.

Let’s read the Queen of Pentacles with our sweet guardian of the watchtowers of the north.

The Queen of Pentacles Reversed

When Sarah arrives at her new school, she is depressed and insecure. She is trying to forget her past hurts and struggles with depression. She meets a cute boy (Chris), and our 3 Witches (Bonnie, Rochelle, Nancy). Chris warns her about the Witches, and the Witches warn Sarah about Chris. What’s a girl to do?

Sarah lets her insecurity and need for approval dictate her actions. She watches her friends shoplift, but says nothing. She continues her pursuit of Chris, even after he shows himself to be a real jerk. Her friends become more and more reckless with their magic, but it takes her a while to speak up.

We have to wonder if Sarah feels like she is “enough” on her own. She possesses more natural magic than her friends. She is a very smart, attractive, capable girl. But she defines herself and her sense of security by other people’s approval. In short, Sarah is having trouble stepping into her power. She’s very focused on the needs of others, but isn’t into the whole self care thing.

The Queen of Pentacles Upright

Sarah takes care of her needs. She speaks up to her friends, and distances herself from their toxic behavior. She reconnects with maternal energy. (This comes from her mother’s photo and the woman who runs the occult shop.) When Nancy tries to threaten her security, Sarah defends herself and her home. She remembers that she is powerful, and calls on “Manon.” When she recognizes her own strengths and abilities, she is able to invoke the spirit. This is how she defeats Nancy.

At the end of the movie, we see Sarah living happily at home with her Father. She seems grounded, content, and is no longer interested in approval from her toxic friends. Plus, she’s still got plenty of magic.

read the queen of pentacles


I hope this helps you next time you need to read the Queen of Pentacles. I see the queens as the sorceresses of the deck. They each have their own magical energy to them.

The Queen of Pentacles is a resourceful earth mother. She has everything she needs, and if she doesn’t, you can be sure she’ll whip something up. She is reliable, grounded, and nurturing. And if you get in her way? She won’t seek revenge, she will bind you Nancy, from doing harm…

Wondering what queen you need to embody right now? Book a reading and see what’s in the cards.