Hello my loves, it’s the second in my Queens of the Craft series! Today we are going to read the queen of cups. I am using this controversial yet iconic piece of witch lore to explore the queens of the deck. No matter how much time and energy I put into studying the court cards, the waters are still a little murky. What makes these royals so darn elusive anyway? Let’s show them who’s boss.

If you haven’t read my first entry about Sarah, Queen of Pentacles, you may want to start there.

Rochelle represents the element of water. That’s why you’ll hear her say:

Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the West, powers of water and intuition. Hear us.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to know much about Rochelle’s personal life. I really like this deleted scene, because we see some of that compassion the Queen of Cups is known for. She’s tries to empathize with Nancy at her worst.

read the queen of cups

Water, Air, and Fire seek out their Earth.

The Element of Water in the Tarot

In the tarot, the suit of cups represents the element of water. Water symbolizes emotions, but that doesn’t mean all the fuzzy lovey stuff. Water is fluid, meaning it can gently lap at the shore or cause a hurricane. To be in touch with your emotions without being ruled by them takes an enormous amount of work. This is Rochelle’s plight in The Craft. She can be loving and supportive, but she’s also vindictive. When she strays from her “true self,” she lets others take the wheel. Water can take any shape, and watery people can sometimes take the shape of others if they aren’t careful.

The Rider Waite Smith

The Queen reflects in the Rider Waite Smith Deck

Rochelle’s Story

While it is awesome that The Craft really sticks it to racism, Rochelle’s entire storyline is about her race. Apparently there’s a deleted scene with her parents, and I’d have loved to learn more about this Queen of Cups at home. As is, let’s analyze.

When Rochelle drinks of her sisters at their blood ritual in the park, she asks for compassion. She wants the power to not hate those who hate her. Pretty mature stuff considering the malicious, racist bullying she has to put up with at school.

When we read the Queen of Cups, this is her vibrating at the highest frequency. She wants Laura (the bully) to leave her alone, but she wants to kill her with kindness. Sometimes the best revenge is living well. In this scene, Rochelle is in touch with her feelings. She knows she doesn’t want to put up with any shit, but she doesn’t want to get dragged down to Laura’s level either.

This is why, even when everyone has gone mad with power, Sarah runs to Rochelle after Chris tries to assault her. She’s the nurturing one of the group. At her best, Rochelle sees to the heart of a situation. Even if the group dynamic is a bit off, she feels bad for her friend Sarah.

Read the Queen of Cups

Rochelle sees her revenge plot realized

The Queen Reversed

Rochelle casts a revenge spell on Laura. When she sees that Laura’s hair is falling out, her head covered in disgusting welts, she seems disturbed. But she doesn’t do anything about it. When Rochelle looks in the mirror, she moves out of sync with her reflection. She’s lost touch with her true, compassionate self.

This is where I wish they’d have made her plot a teensy bit different, because I personally don’t think it’s a bad thing if Rochelle doesn’t want to help her bigotted tormentor. But we see her react to hate in two different ways: The courage to take the high road (upright) and the vengeful route (reversed.)

At her worst, she blindly follows Nancy into a revenge plot against Sarah. She’s becoming impulsive, lead by her emotions without being grounded by Sarah’s earth energy.

Read the Queen of Cups

Rochelle does the worst thing of all- takes up SMOKING!

Key Points

At her best, the Queen of Cups is:

  • intuitive
  • in touch with, but not lead by, her emotions
  • nurturing
  • great listener
  • compassionate

At her worst, she is:

  • co-dependant
  • out of touch with her true self, lead by emotions
  • vindictive
  • resentful
  • mopey

Light as a feather, stiff as a board.


I wish we had more personal moments with Rochelle, but as is, I hope she’s made it a little easier to read the Queen of Cups. If you’d like a little more, check out Rachel True (the actor who plays Rochelle)’s very own tarot deck. Rachel takes an intuitive, Jungian approach to tarot, making her something of a Queen of Cups herself!

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