Hello my loves, it’s the third in my Queens of the Craft series! Today we are going to read the Queen of Wands. I am using this controversial yet iconic piece of witch lore to explore the queens of the deck.

No matter how much time and energy I put into studying the court cards, the waters are still a little murky. What makes these royals so darn elusive anyway? Let’s show them who’s boss.

read the queen of wands

Bonnie discovers the power of a great blow out.

If you haven’t read my first entry about Sarah, Queen of Pentacles, you may want to start there.

Bonnie represents the element of fire. That’s why you’ll hear her say:

“Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the South, the powers of fire and feeling. Hear us.”

At first, I was surprised Nancy wasn’t the Queen of Wands. But, on closer examination, every character is perfectly suited to their element.

Bonnie represents the element of fire. She has burn scars on her body, making this parallel more vivid. But there’s more to Bonnie’s fiery side than metaphorical markings. Bonnie is utterly consumed by whatever mood she’s in.

So often we associate fire with confidence and sexiness, but it can also signify someone who doesn’t know how to temper their emotions. We don’t see much of Bonnie as a centered, balanced Queen of Wands. True to the teenage girl experience, she’s pendulous in nature.

read the queen of wands

The Queen of Wands in the RWS deck.

The Balanced Queen of Wands

If we’re going to read the Queen of Wands, we need to understand her at her best.

At her best, the Queen of Wands is a positive, gregarious, mysterious presence. She can represent a person of any gender with great confidence and charisma. She, along with the rest of the royal wand family, would throw one heck of a party.

The Queen of Wands is that kind, sociable person who everyone loves, but no one can say they really understand. She’s an outgoing enigma, Like Lady Gaga or Richard Simmons.

Like the sunflower she holds in her left hand, she is warm, life-affirming, and generous. Like the black cat at her feet, she is full of mysterious feminine power. Part maternal goddess, part femme fatale sorceress.

One gets the feeling that Bonnie may grow up to be a Queen of Wands type. But for now, she’s a little lost.

Bonnie’s Story

When we first meet Bonnie, she’s ashamed of her body, particularly her scars. With a permanent slouch, she hides beneath baggy clothes and greasy hair. Of the girls, she’s the most eager to find a fourth for the coven. Sweet but insecure, she’s desperate to feel in control. Like the Queen of Wands, she has a passion for Witchcraft.

When her burns miraculously heal thanks to Sarah’s magic, she turns on a dime. Like so many young people when they discover their sexual prowess, Bonnie becomes self-involved. She struts with over the top confidence, an attempt to make up for lost time. She ignores the growing danger of Nancy’s magic, intoxicated by the thrill of the craft.

It’s easy to sympathize with Bonnie. No matter which polarity she is in, she has the fiery charisma of a Queen. And her cockiness is somewhat intoxicating, no?

Omg, like, Hail Guardians.

The Suit of Wands in Tarot

The Wands are fire: Sexual energy and creativity. But creation is often destructive. When Bonnie “rises from the ashes” of her former self, she forgets to hold onto her sweetness. Fire can be a beautiful, alchemic thing. But it can also get out of control if no one’s watching it.

Key Points

At her best, the Queen of Wands is:

  • magical
  • expressive
  • confident
  • captivating & charismatic
  • life of the party
  • generous

At her worst, the Queen of Wands is:

  • pendulous
  • consumed by emotion
  • unable to be herself
  • volatile
  • jealous
  • malicious
read the queen of cups

Water, Air, and Fire seek out their Earth.


I like to think that, in The Craft universe, adult Bonnie met herself in the middle. It can be hard for fire signs to tame themselves, but when they do, there’s nothing they can’t achieve.

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