Hello my loves, it’s the final act in my Queens of the Craft series! Today we are going to read the Queen of Swords. It is better that you should rush upon this blade, than enter this blog entry with fear in your heart. How do you enter?

I am using this controversial yet iconic piece of witch lore to explore the queens of the deck.

No matter how much time and energy I put into studying the court cards, the waters are still a little murky. What makes these royals so darn elusive anyway? Let’s show them who’s boss.

If you haven’t read my first entry about Sarah, Queen of Pentacles, you may want to start there.

Nancy represents the element of air. That’s why you’ll hear her say:

Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the East, the powers of air and invention.

Hear me! Us! Hear us!

With Nancy’s domineering traits, I expected her to embody the element of fire. Bonnie, with her wispy voice and fluttering sense of self, felt more airy to me. But, the more I think about it, Nancy is a perfect air sign. She’s a force of nature. When she huffs and puffs, the whole thing falls down.

Watching The Craft as an adult, I see how beguiling it would be to be friends with someone like Nancy. And how scary it would be when she’s at her worst!

read the queen of swords

“I want a smaller ass.”

The Balanced Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords reminds me a lot of this quote from Patricia Kennealy-Morrison:

If you’re going to embrace the Light, you have to embrace the Shadow as well. Because the stronger the light you stand in, the blacker and sharper the shadow you cast. Never think you don’t have a Shadow. We all have them, even the purest among us. Maybe especially the purest. So when you can’t see where your Shadow is, look out, because it’s right behind you. And it’s reaching for your throat.

CW: Mention of self-harm

Nancy and Patricia are alike in the sense that they don’t want Witchcraft to be cute and fluffy. Nancy isn’t afraid to face the unpleasantries of life and speak to them directly. She doesn’t mince words. When she sees Sarah’s scar (from a previous suicide attempt), she says “punk rock, let’s go!” And is eager to move on from the conversation before it gets emotional.

The Queen of Swords is pure logic without emotion. These kinds of people are great to have as friends because you know if they’re keeping you around, they damn well want to.

The Queen of Swords Reversed

When you read the Queen of Swords, you must pay attention to the context. This card can mean “speak your truth” as often as it can mean “bite your tongue.”

When the Queen of Swords gets out of control, things get ugly. Did you ever have a friend who was rude and inconsiderate, but would brag about their honest, “this is just who I am” personality? That’s the Queen reversed. She’s judgemental, spiteful, and she holds a grudge.

Nancy’s Story

In the poker game of life, Nancy gets a raw deal. She lives with her mother and abusive stepfather in a tiny trailer, and the whole school slut shames her for allegedly giving super hunk Chris an STI. It’s enough to make any girl go goth.

Nancy (like the Queen of Swords) is discerning. She’s skeptical of letting Sarah into the coven and keeps a close eye on her. When Sarah betrays the group by backing away, Nancy unleashes physical and mental warfare on her.

She goes literally mad with power, ending up chained to a bed in an asylum. Yikes. Where’s the school counselor when you need them? Why would Manon give an inexperienced teen gal so much magic juice?

Read the Queen of Swords

The face that launched 1000 Halloween costumes.

The Suit of Swords in Tarot

Making clear decisions. Mental fortitude, the ability to see through deception. Radical activism. Nancy doesn’t believe in second chances. When someone hurts her or one of her sisters, she kills them. In your readings, this may mean cutting someone loose and starting fresh. (Please don’t throw anyone out a window, even if they really really deserve it.)

Key Points

At her best, the Queen of Swords is:

  • Honest
  • Clear Headed
  • Communicative
  • Discerning

At her worst, she is:

  • Judgemental
  • Spiteful
  • Prone to extreme behavior
  • Cutting and Cruel
read the queen of swords

The Queen of Swords has no time for bullshit. And telling her to stop murdering? That’s bullshit.


I hope Nancy made it out of the asylum. She could be extreme and violent, yes. But she was also a sweet and loyal friend, and that Nancy is in there somewhere. She’s got a good idea of right and wrong according to her, and she doesn’t mind enforcing it. She may make an excellent woman in uniform…

Curious if the Queen of Swords will come up in your reading? Book one now to see what’s speaking to you.