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An exploration of The Fool’s Journey. We will use the traditional Rider Waite Smith tarot card deck, but provide examples from other decks.

The Devil Tarot Card Made Easy with Croissant Moon Tarot

The Devil Tarot Card is about addiction and attachments. You may be addicted/attached to a substance, a relationship, or a way of thinking about yourself/the world around you.

The Temperance Tarot Card Made Easy with Croissant Moon Tarot

Examine the ingredients to the cocktail of your life. Could it use a little something? Temperance asks you to create a rich, full-bodied experience that hits all the spots.

The Death Tarot Card Made Easy With Croissant Moon

In a reading, I see this card as a rebirth. Something is slowly, organically, and beautifully coming to an end. This is bittersweet. These moments can give us our most revelatory thoughts. They make way for fresh life and new experiences. But they’re also hard.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Made Easy by Croissant Moon Tarot

The Hanged Man in the tarot looks pretty ok with everything that’s happening. Throughout my life, I read several interpretations of this card- each more confusing than the last. At least until I was introduced to a certain Norse God…

How I Apply The Justice Card in the Major Arcana to My Life

Think of this as the “don’t box-dye your dark brown hair platinum blonde” card. You tried it in high school and got a blotchy orange mess. Now you’re thinking you can do the exact same thing and look like Christina Aguilera. How, why?

How I Apply The Wheel of Fortune Card in the Major Arcana to My Life

It can mean “go for it!” But it can also mean unforeseen circumstances and delays. Either way, it’s an opportunity to ground yourself. We can’t control certain aspects of life, but we can control our reactions to them.

How I Apply The Hermit Tarot Card in The Major Arcana to My Life

Doing a proper deep dive is really good for cultivating a sense of self-worth. But zoning out and binge-watching makeover shows hits that same button temporarily.

How I Apply The Strength Tarot Card in The Major Arcana to My Life

In the RWS Tarot deck, the Strength card features a woman taming a lion. But she isn’t taming the lion with a whip or a flaming hoop. She is taming the lion with empathy. How did you react the last time someone was angry with you? Did you meet that anger with more anger? And how did that go?

How I Apply The Chariot Card in the Major Arcana to My Life

You’ve started an adventure. You’ve amassed some tools and knowledge, and you’ve ascended to the next level. Now what? It’s about maintaining a balance between being an authority (Chariots are for royalty after all) and a humble student.

How I Apply The Lovers Card in The Major Arcana to My Life

Being in a loving relationship with a cute house, a nice dog and a few cucumbers growing out back is a beautiful, beautiful thing. But if you don’t know who you are without all that? In the words of Oda Mae Brown, “you in danger girl.”

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