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An exploration of The Fool’s Journey. We will use the traditional Rider Waite Smith tarot card deck, but provide examples from other decks.

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The word of the day is perspective. That’s what I hear most often. Tarot gives you a bird’s eye view of where you’re at, where you want to be, and the steps to take to get there.

How I Apply The Hierophant Card in the Major Arcana to My Life

In this case we’re looking at flower child energy versus corporate stooge energy, the latter being our Hierophant.

How I Apply The High Priestess Card in the Major Arcana to My Life

Being on the receiving end of this energy can be as frustrating as it is beautiful. If I could skip ahead a few years and see the outcome of my decisions, I’d like to think I would steer myself away from danger and toward untold riches. But that’s not how life works.

How I Apply The Emperor Card in the Major Arcana to My Life

The Emperor is all about mastery. When you get the Emperor in a reading, it’s time to sit on your throne and say “I’m on the board of directors of this lousy company.” Show them who’s boss.

How I Apply The Empress Card in the Major Arcana to My Life

She is a groovy, earth Mother. She wants me to explore the wildest depths of my imagination, let my freak flag fly, and other bumper stickers. Mom never pressures me to adhere to any mundane standards.

How I Apply The Magician Card in The Major Arcana to My Life

That, to me, is the question of The Magician card. You’ve been presented with a tool, a skill, an idea. Will you cultivate it? You’ve got the goods, honey. You just need to put it all together.

How I Apply The Fool Card in the Major Arcana to My Life

Sometimes you’ve got to build a foundation for yourself before taking the crazy leaps. But in the case of The Fool, we’re remembering to have a healthy dose of cockeyed optimism and even delusional self-confidence.

How to Use this Tarot Blog

When I first got into tarot, I was easily overwhelmed by specifics. Though every little detail is important, I believe you can approach tarot by memorizing the feeling of each card. Learn to apply it to your own hero’s journey, and you’ll remember it with ease. There’ll always be more goodies to fold in later.

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