Virtual slumber parties are my cute little way of taking our connection to the next level. Let’s de-mystify tarot, stir up some magical energy, and have some fun.

These get-togethers are adapted from a cozy tradition in my pre-COVID world. I would have friends over to eat, drink, laugh, and do simple rituals under the full moon.

I still think about those cozy nights with our hot chocolate, vision boards, and cosmic gossip. We’ve been faithful to these lunar parties over Facebook, and it’s a really special time of the month for us.

As I came to look forward to these meetings more and more, I thought: why not let others in on the fun?

So for every full moon with my old friends, I’ll celebrate the new moon with my new ones.

What Happens at a Virtual Slumber Party?

I’ll set up a google hangouts link to attend. After checking in and saying our hellos, we’ll move into the events of the evening. I will research our current cosmic situation and curate an experience with that in mind. We’ll move through tarot study, ritual, guided meditation, and discussion to make sense of it all.

If you love witchy things but can’t express that love in your current home situation, feel free to join in with headphones and soak up the energy. I’m happy to dedicate my ritual work to both of us.

When are They?

I’ll try to keep these close to the new moon, but far away from major events and holidays.

How Long are They?

90 minutes- 2 hours depending on turnout. If you are only able to pop in for a bit, no worries! Just keep entrances and exits quiet and respectful.

Who Can Attend?

I’m so glad you’d like to join me! There are a few ways to get in on the fun:

-book an hour-long reading with me

-book a PWYC or email reading, then refer a friend. You will receive your invite once they book and pay for any of my offerings.

-pay a $15 cover charge. This helps me out with expenses, research time, and the monthly donations I make from my tarot income.

What if I don’t Identify as a Witch?

As long as you don’t have a problem with people who do, come on in. This is a witch-adjacent evening open to anyone in any practice. We aren’t following a specific religious framework. It’s about rest, rejuvenation, and goal setting for the month ahead.

I’ll keep the ritual supplies accessible. There’s a lot of magic to be found in the grocery store, you just have to know where to look.

Most Importantly- What do I Wear?

You can turn your camera off if you’d like to participate privately, or model your cutest sleepover couture!